Sister Bay Marina Rules and Regulations

In an effort to provide an inviting atmosphere for all boat owners docking at the Sister Bay Marina, the following rules and regulations are provided for your protection. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

  1. You or your designated launcher must notify the Marina Manager 24 hours in advance of initial launching. This rule must be strictly followed. In order to keep overall costs down you must let the Dock Master know when you will be away from your slip overnight or longer. The Village reserves the right to collect a fee for daily rental of your slip when you are away from it for an extended period. Failure to notify the Dock Master of your intent to be away from your slip overnight or longer may result in you being charged the daily rental fee for the length of time you are gone.
  2. All lessees will be responsible for the safe and proper mooring of their boats. Boats breaking their moorings may be removed at the expense of the owner. Please check your line inventory, etc. before docking.
  3. The Village will not be responsible for damage to or theft of the lessee’s property or boat(s) regardless of the cause.
  4. The speed limit in the harbor, when approaching or leaving will be DEAD SLOW.
  5. Pets will only be allowed in designated areas on the Marina grounds and within Marina Park if they are on a leash. No pets will be allowed to commit a nuisance on or around the docks. You must clean up after your pet anywhere within the Village limits. Cleanup containers are available at the Marina Office. No dogs are allowed in Waterfront Park. The dog park is located at the Sports Complex.
  6. Grilles are provided by the Marina and available for guests to use on the Marina grounds. Grilling is prohibited on vessels, docks and walkways.
  7. No swimming, water skiing or racing will be allowed within the harbor. Fishing will be permitted in designated areas only.
  8. Skateboarding and/or rollerblading will not be allowed on the docks or Marina grounds.
  9. Vehicles parked longer than the limits noted on parking signs, (including the temporary loading spaces on Bay Shore Drive), must be parked in the Village lots and not in the dock parking area. Please observe this rule at all times as improperly parked vehicles may be removed at the owner’s expense or may be ticketed.
  10. Garbage dumpsters are located on the west side of the Marina Office. Please do not leave garbage on the docks or in the small cans on the Marina grounds. The dumpsters may only be used for disposal of refuse generated at the Marina.
  11. Recycling is encouraged throughout the entire Village. Recycling containers will be provided for you. We ask that you help to protect the environment by recycling whenever possible.
  12. The Village is concerned about all forms of pollution in the harbor. Please take necessary precautions to prevent contamination of the water at all times.
  13. Seasonal and transient slips must be vacated by (October 24th), unless otherwise prearranged. All boats must be removed from the Marina by (October 24th),, or they may be forcibly removed at the owner’s expense.
    (Enforcement of this rule allows for timely and orderly winterization of the Marina.)
  14. All persons using the Sister Bay Marina must conduct themselves with discretion and be considerate of their neighbors. NO EXCESSIVE DISTURBANCES OF ANY SORT WILL BE ALLOWED BETWEEN 10:00 P.M. AND 7:00 A.M.
  15. Any individual(s) behaving in a disruptive fashion at the Marina, or who is/are abusive to Marina employees, other boaters or citizens will initially be warned by the Marina Manager or staff that such activity is not permissible. If he/she/they fail to heed the warning, or if he/she/they have exhibited similar behavior in the past, the Manager does have the authority to permanently ban the individual(s) from the Marina. Any fees or lease amount paid to the Marina shall be forfeited at that time.
  16. All visitors, lessees and users of the Marina, Marina Park, other Village parks and property are required to comply with Chapter 38 of the Village code. Chapter 38 includes regulations related to: boating, park rules, dogs, alcoholic beverages, vehicles, littering, curfew, launching fees, fires, hunting and trapping. The complete regulations are available on line at

Failure to comply with any of these regulations may result in boat owners being given notice to leave the Marina and/or forfeiture of rental fees and slip holder rights and privileges.

Download a copy of these rules and regulations [PDF]

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