Sister Bay Marina Rules on Slip Leases

  1. The application for a slip must be completed in its entirety including the proof of ownership (boat title and registration) and submitted along with a non-refundable $500.00 deposit by (December 31st). Payment for seasonal dockage (may be made in two installments. First installment for seasonal dockage will be made by March 1st – second and final installment for seasonal dockage must be made by May 1st). Payments postmarked after (May 1st) will be considered late and the slip may be awarded to the next person on the list.
  2. If you are unable to produce your registration and boat title by December 31st, a copy of the boat title and registration must be on file prior to placing the boat in the Marina. If the information on the boat registration and title does not match the application, the Village can reassign the slip and refund the annual rental fee according to the refund policy below.
  3. In order to qualify for the Village property owner rate you must own real property in the Village and provide the Village with the property identification number. The name on the property records maintained by Door County must match the name on the application in order to qualify for the Village property owner rate.
  4. A deposit of $200 must accompany a request to be placed on the waiting list. Being placed on the waiting list does not guarantee assignment of a slip. There are two waiting lists – one for Village property owners and one for non-property owners. Owners of property in the Village will be offered any available seasonal slips before non-property owners.
  5. The Village cannot guarantee year-to-year leasing of individual slips, but the prior lessee will have priority. If you have been assigned a seasonal slip and wish to purchase a new boat of a different size, you must confirm in writing that the new boat will fit in your existing slip. If you purchase a new boat and it does not fit in your existing slip, you will lose your slip without any refund.
  6. There will be no subletting or exchanging of slips by lessees. The boat must be owned by the slip lessee. The transfer of boat ownership does not confer any rights to the use of a seasonal slip.
  7. Proof of ownership of all boats, which occupy a seasonal slip, must be provided to the Marina Manager.
  8. There shall be no signage on boats other than a temporary for sale sign less than two square feet in size. No signage including a “for sale” sign is permitted on any boat owned by a dealer other than the permitted commercial operators. No commercial activity, boat sales or signage is permitted on boats other than the permitted commercial operators. The commercial operators shall comply with such other or additional regulations that the Marina may establish.
  9. When and if you become eligible for a seasonal slip you will be notified by the Village. If you decline a seasonal slip which is a reasonable fit for your boat as determined by the Marina Manager your name will remain on the waiting list, but go to the bottom of that list. If you are offered a slip, in which your boat will not reasonably fit as determined by the Marina Manager your name will remain in its current location on the waiting list.
  10. The lease of a slip is to an individual located at a particular property. The annual slip lease fee is dependent upon owning or not owning property in the Village. If an individual lessee moves to a different location then the fee is adjusted. If a slip holder decides not to renew his/her seasonal rental, written verification shall be provided to the Village at P.O. Box 769, Sister Bay, WI 54234.
  11. Refund Policy: If, after paying your annual slip rental fee, the Village is notified in writing by March 15th of your desire to release the slip, 75% of that fee will be refunded. If notification is received between May 1st and June 1st, 50% of the fee will be refunded, and, after June 1st no refunds will be allowed.
  12. Boat Removal Policy: Your boat must be removed from the Marina by October 24th, or you will be charged the out of season dockage fee of $2.00 per foot of boat per day.
  13. The Village reserves the right to assign boat slips and dock ties. Vessels assigned a seasonal slip will appropriately fit the slip assigned inclusive of all attachments fore and aft. Vessels over or under may be considered non-compliant and may result in a slip move, additional fees, or slip lease termination; at the discretion of the marina manager.
  14. At the discretion of the Marina Manager, slip privileges may be terminated if non occupancy of a slip for two entire seasons occurs. A slip may not be considered “occupied” by a seasonal tenant by placing or purchasing a larger, smaller, or unapproved vessel in the assigned slip. Slip transfers and assignments are at the sole discretion of the Marina Manager.
  15. The break wall and all floating and fixed piers are considered public walkways and should remain free of gear, chairs, tables, bicycles, inflatables and similar items for patron safety and access. Likewise, shore power cords and water hoses should not create a trip hazard. No attachments can be made to the break wall, floating and fixed piers without the approval of the marina manager.

Failure to comply with any of these regulations may result in boat owners being given notice to leave the Marina and/or forfeiture of rental fees and slip holder rights and privileges.

Download a copy of these rules and regulations [PDF]

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